Forever Lara


Forever Lara 

Malu Simões

Lara and her friends were excited about their trip to visit the Swiss Alps, skiing and coming back home with lots of stories to tell.

Most of all, Lara would finally meet the Legendary Blausee Lake, the setting of a legend her mother use to tell since her childhood.

It is amongst snow, scarves, woods and typical dances that she meets Christer, the heir of the throne of Nobia, who must get married to take his rightful place. However,  it was not in his or his family plans that  he would fell in love with a commoner. Now they  will find out if Blausee's legend was real.

Everything indicates that yes, however, with a slightly different end.


Ficha técnica

Autora:                                                Malu Simões

Titulo:                                                  Forever Lara

Páginas:                                               170

Edição:                                                 1ª

Tipo capa:                                            Brochura

Ano:                                                     2018

Idioma:                                                 Inglês

Faixa etária:                                        a partir 12 anos